Predicting the behavioral intention of Greek university faculty members to use Moodle

Lavidas, K., Papadakis, S., Filippidi, A., Karachristos, C., Misirli, A., Tzavara, A., Komis, V., & Karacapilidis, N. (2023). Predicting the Behavioral Intention of Greek University Faculty Members to Use Moodle. Sustainability 2023, 15(7), 6290 

What affects how much professors and students use online learning platforms in colleges and universities? While past research has mostly looked at why students use these platforms, not much attention has been given to why professors choose to use them. One popular platform called Moodle, which anyone can use for free, has become more popular in universities around the world lately. This study focuses on why professors in Greek universities choose to use Moodle.