Team UniCA unveils the creative uses of AI in the education model

Professor Margarida Romero from Université Côte d’Azur was invited to be the keynote of the CIIPEFSEN 2023 conference at the Abdelmalek Essaadi University (UAE) in Morocco. In the keynote, Professor Romero introduced the #PPai6″ model, which delineates six levels of creative student engagement in learning situations integrated with AI tools.

  1. At the first level, learners interact with AI-generated content without actively participating in the creation process.
  2. As students progress to the second level, they engage with AI-powered environments offering adaptive features.
  3. The third level sees students creating solutions or artifacts by employing AI tools.
  4. At the fourth level, collaborative creation takes place within small groups.
  5. Moving to the fifth level, participative creation extends to the broader community, involving individuals actively contributing to real-world problem-solving and sustainable development goals.
  6. Finally, at the sixth level, AI-supported expansive learning enables participants to utilize AI for identifying contradictions in complex problems, generating concepts or artifacts to address conflicting stimuli, and promoting collective action.

Professor Margarida Romero’s keynote at the “CIIPEFSEN 2023” conference was followed by three days of symposiums, research paper presentations, and posters. In the last morning, PhD student Donia Trad introduced the doctoral study of the transformative agency development of secondary learners through AI4Good projects.

Professor Margarida Romero and PhD student Donia Trad work together on the assessment of creativity in the WP4 of the Horizon augMENTOR project in order to support the assessment of transversal competencies within the support of an intelligent tutoring system.