Joint communication efforts with our sister projects enhance collaboration and outreach

Together with augMENTOR, four other projects have been funded by the European Commission under the topic “Integration of emerging new technologies into education and training”.

As we progress through the stimulating journey of augMENTOR, strategic collaborations have emerged as a cornerstone of our success. Through concerted efforts and shared vision, we have initiated strategic partnerships, as evidenced by the development of a comprehensive plan for joint communication with our sister projects.

One notable initiative in our collaborative approach has been the launch of a podcast series on YouTube, developed in tandem with the sister project ExtenDT2. This multimedia approach to dissemination not only enriches the accessibility of our project insights but also fosters dynamic dialogue and engagement on critical topics relevant to our project objectives.

Building on this momentum, we are currently in the process of developing the second podcast episode in collaboration with e-Diploma. Scheduled for release at the end of February, this upcoming episode promises to further enrich our multimedia repertoire and extend the reach of our project impact.

Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of future collaborations with other sister projects, as we continue to explore innovative venues for knowledge exchange and dissemination.