Credits: Technopolis City of Athens, George Spanos Photography.

augMENTOR Showcases Innovative Learning Solutions at Athens Science Festival

Athens, Greece – In a celebration of science, innovation, and education, two representatives from the augMENTOR project partner, Konnekatble, recently participated in the prestigious Athens Science Festival. Kallia Angelaki and Christos Angelidis took center stage at this annual event, held in Athens, Greece, and dedicated to promoting scientific discovery, technology, innovation, and the arts.

Credits: Technopolis City of Athens, George Spanos Photography.

At this year’s Athens Science Festival, Kallia Angelaki and Christos Angelidis represented the augMENTOR project with an interactive exhibition. The augMENTOR project takes an innovative approach, embracing augmented intelligence to create customized and collaborative learning paths that promote fundamental and 21st-century competencies, such as communication, collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, design thinking, and creativity. Leveraging advancements in Pedagogical Design, Creative Pedagogy, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, augMENTOR is set to transform the educational landscape.

By participating in the Athens Science Festival, augMENTOR not only showcased its commitment to redefining education but also highlighted the crucial role of innovation in learning. Kallia Angelaki and Christos Angelidis represented the project with enthusiasm, fostering a deep appreciation for the possibilities offered by augmented intelligence in education. The Athens Science Festival and projects like augMENTOR continue to inspire and enrich the scientific and educational landscape in Greece, promoting a future where knowledge and learning are accessible, engaging, and enjoyable for all.

The Athens Science Festival, a well-established cultural landmark since 2014, offers residents and students in and around the Attica region an immersive experience into the world of scientific and technological advancements. Over the years, the Athens Science Festival has forged collaborations with over 6,000 scientific associates, hosted 850 speakers, featured 350 artists, and involved 1,900 volunteers. It has consistently exceeded expectations, reaching more than 150,000 visitors during the past eight years. Today, it is widely recognized as one of the largest science and technology festivals in Greece, with a profound social impact. The festival’s core mission is to bridge the gap between science and everyday life, emphasizing the vital role of science and technology in society.