augMENTOR goes to the Athens Science Festival to… reshape education

On Wednesday 11 October 2023 augMENTOR travels to Athens and visits the Athens Science Festival to run the interactive workshop “Chocolates and Artificial Intelligence”.
During the workshop educators will explore the potential offered by the tools of AI.
What’s the connection between chocolates and artificial intelligence? And when we talk about artificial intelligence, what do we mean exactly? Is it just ChatGPT or something more?
The purpose of the workshop is to work creatively on the possibilities of artificial intelligence, explore how they are utilized in education, and capture the needs and ideas of educators. With a chocolate waiting for us at the end of the journey, we will start from the challenges and requirements to reach the benefits and how “fun” the application of it can be in the classroom.
The Athens Science Festival 2023 takes place every year since 2014 and aims in communicating science to the general public through a variety of events, such as kid’s workshops, science shows, interactive exhibits and also adult’s workshops.