Athens Science Festival 2024

The Athens Science Festival 2024 took place from April 16 to 21, at Technopolis City of Athens under the theme “Tales of Change”. Innovation and technology were at the heart of this grand event, inviting visitors of all ages to a unique interactive journey of knowledge and entertainment.

The workshop “Artificial intelligence and educators: Friends or foes?”, designed by the augMENTOR team focused specifically on the use of AI in education.
The team of the European Project augMENTOR, invited educators from across the country, to engage to a creative exchange of ideas and information on how AI can enhance and update existing teaching practices.

Participants explored various AI tools and applications that can be integrated into the classroom, discussing both the benefits and challenges of these technologies. The workshop emphasized the importance of educators adapting to new technologies to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

This hands-on workshop was a part of a session named “Workshops of Change for Educators: New Technologies in the Classroom” specifically designed for educators.